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Raising  & Repairs



We fix what cracks you up!

We service both Commercial and Residential  concrete concerns.


Slabjacking Rigid Concrete

Slabjacking, also known as  mudjacking, concrete lifting, concrete leveling, slab lifting, slab raising and concrete raising. Raising the sunken concrete is accomplished by drilling a series of 1 5/8” holes strategically placed through the slabs.

A stabilizing slurry of sand/clay/cement  is pumped under the slab filling the void, pressurizing and hydraulically raising the sunken slab to its original height. The consistency of the material can be made according to different conditions at each job site. Once the slabs are raised, the slurry hardens like clay providing a stable sub-base that won’t erode or settle. The holes are then patched to match the existing concrete.


Crack Repair Rigid Concrete


Hydro Injection Rigid Concrete

Residential or commercial concrete leak sealing can be achieved by means of injecting a hydro active resin based grout . Using Rigid Concrete Raising and Repairs specially developed equipment, hydro active grout is injected in cracks, joints or other defects in leaking concrete structures. This application can be used on foundations , leaks in parkades, multi level decks, water storage tanks and ceilings.

Hydro active resins react expansively when in contact with water in a crack or joint to form a foam seal, hence rapidly reducing and stopping water penetration. Variations in resin formulation allow injected resin to react rapidly to deal with situations where water flow is high, or remain flexible where ongoing movement is anticipated.

Resins have also been formulated to enable water penetration through the finest cracks in concrete structures to be effectively sealed. A large benefit of using this application is no external digging is required because the high pressure injection forces the flexible seal out both sides of the wall.


Cleaning & Sealing Rigid Concrete

Rigid Concrete Raising and Repair are experts in crack and control joint repair on most types of concrete surfaces. We specialize in exposed aggregate but also do brushed and stamped in all areas of placement such as driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, foundations, curbing and warehouse floors. Once the crack has been repaired it blends in to the existing concrete and virtually disappears.

Rigid Concrete Raising and Repair also cleans and seals all types of concrete. After your driveway has been pressure washed, we apply a clear penetrating sealer with anti slip. This will help prevent concrete deterioration ( spalling ) and stains while prolonging the life of your driveway. Concrete sealing brings old driveways back to life making them look new again.

We can custom tint and colour the sealer to enhance the look of your stamped or exposed aggregate concrete. This is a great way to return your worn down stamp concrete to its striking original look.