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Hydro Active Grout Injection

Residential or commercial concrete leak sealing (Hydro Active Grout Injection) can be achieved by means of injecting a hydro active resin based grout. When using Rigid Concrete Raising and Repair’s specially developed equipment, hydro active grout is injected in cracks, joints or other defects in leaking concrete structures. This application can be used on foundations, leaks in parkades, multi level decks, water storage tanks and ceilings.

Hydro active resins react expansively when in contact with water in a crack or joint to form a foam seal, hence rapidly reducing and stopping water penetration. Variations in resin formulation allow injected resin to quickly react and deal with situations where water flow is high, or remain flexible where ongoing movement is anticipated.

Resins have also been formulated to enable water penetration through the finest cracks in concrete structures to be effectively sealed. A large benefit of using this application is no external digging is required because the high pressure injection forces the flexible seal out both sides of the wall.



Cost Effective


Stops Water In Minutes


No Need To Dig


Stronger Over Time With Water

Leaking cold joint in high school –

Injection Setup


Leaking cold joint in high school – Injection Process

Leaking cold joint in high school – After Injection Clean Up

Commercial Floor Repair – Before

Commercial Floor Repair – After Injection

Commercial Wall Repair – Before

Commercial Wall Repair – After Injection

Commercial Wall Repair – After Clean Up


Hydro Active Grout Injection

Rigid Concrete Logo sunken concrete with a hydro active grout injection

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